Trailhead Self-Service Account Merge

Do you have two Trailhead accounts that you want to merge? If you have access to a login identity used to access both accounts, you can DIY right from the profile rather than contact support! If you no longer have access to the Salesforce login used to access your Trailhead account, check out this article instead.

How does merge work?

  1. Log in to Trailhead via the account you want all the activity (i.e. badges, points, favorites, progress, trailmixes, hands-on orgs) to live on. Let's call this the 'TO' account.
  2. Click your profile on the top right corner.
  3. Select 'Settings'.
  4. Under 'Salesforce Login' or 'Social Login', click 'Connect or Merge'.
  5. Log in to the account associated with your other Trailhead user that has activity (i.e. badges, etc)—we'll call this your 'FROM' account—that you'd like to merge into your 'TO' account.
  6. You'll see a preview of which data will be merged and what your final account will look like. Make sure to review this since merging is an irreversible process. 
  7. Confirm the merge to complete, or cancel to abort.
  8. Now you'll be able to log in to your 'TO' account from any of the login identities that you connected to that user.
Please review the gotchas below for any additional questions. For clarity, the 'FROM' account is the Trailhead user you're merging activity from and the 'TO' account is the Trailhead user you're merging activity into:
  • All activity data (i.e. badges, points, favorites, progress, trailmixes, hands-on orgs) from the 'FROM' account will come over excluding duplicates. 
  • If you have duplicate badges/points, Trailhead will always merge the first earned value for points and the first earned date for badges.
  • You'll be able to log into the 'TO' account using the login identity you used to initiate the merge. If your "from account" had other login identities associated with it, they will be removed from that account. You can connect those login identities to the 'TO' account after the merge.
  • The 'FROM' account will no longer be accessible in any way, and links to that user will return as 404s.
  • If your 'FROM' account had any internal only badges/points earned, you'll only be able to see them on the 'TO' account if you log into the 'TO' account using a Salesforce user login from the organization that published the internal only content.
If you still have questions regarding merge, please contact support.

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